Buddha vs. Bonobo

Brendan's latest chapbook, Buddha vs. Bonobo, was selected for Sutra Press' inaugural chapbook series. 

Buddha vs. Bonobo juxtaposes ancient human philosophy with the inherent spirituality of our Great Ape cousins, bonobos. Guided by humor, animal practicality, and the omnipresent questions of existence, this collection seeks answers through imagining what humans lost by leaving the Congo River Basin millions of years ago to establish civilization, property, agriculture—bonobos might argue we’re lacking playfulness, free love, chaotic harmony with nature, and an ultimate connectivity.

Early Praise for Buddha vs. Bonobo

"These beautiful poems interrogate the central paradox of a life infinitely complex and utterly singular. "There is no single sound" says one poem; this tender, sensual and spiritual collection examines not simply the human condition, but the condition of the whole natural world, in conversation with its history and with its potential futures." --Andrew McMillan, author of Physical, winner of The Guardian's First Book Award

"...indifference to rules, to dividing up life, is celebrated in this collection. 'Show us your skin on the horizon, predict your body’s dazzling rot: no promises past what you can smell, what fingers give purpose to,' a bonobo muses in 'The Genius Bonobos Explain the Future.' 

The horizon never arrives. That’s what the anxious monks discover — 'in searching he found nothing but tatters.' And that’s what the bonobos have always known — 'You ask the deepest of questions: how many have we loved?' 'Only one.'"--Joe McCarthy, globalcitizen.org