I think Poetry should be a means to some end: emotional, spiritual, intellectual, philanthropic.  I have actively supported, and continue to support causes for a just, healthy, peaceful, educated world.  

-Florida Conservation Coalition is  devoted to protecting and conserving Florida’s land, fish and wildlife, and water resources that are essential to the well-being and quality of life of the residents of this state, and for its long-term economic prosperity. Florida's natural resources are a treasure to be conserved for the people of Florida and must be managed judiciously, not squandered. All author royalties from the sale of the only flesh to feed you are donated to Florida Conservation Coalition. 

-IRIS, Integrated Refugee & Immigrant Services, is a CT based organization that resettles approximately 200 refugees each year. IRIS provides some services to asylees and other immigrants. Currently, IRIS's refugee clients come from Afghanistan, Congo, Cuba, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, and other countries All of the author royalties from Go are donated to IRIS.

-cleanbirth.org is a CT based organization that works to provide nurses training and clean birthing kits to assist mothers in rural Laos.  All of the author royalties from Make Anything Whole are donated to cleanbirth.org.  

-Lola ya Bonobo is the world’s only organization to provide lifetime care to bonobos orphaned by the illegal trade in endangered wildlife.  We are on the front line in the battle to protect bonobos in the only country they are found – The Democratic Republic of Congo.

-The Center for Lao Studies is a San Francisco-based organization that promotes discourse on, and the further study of, Laos.  CLS organized my first month of Lao Language, History, and Culture study during my Fulbright Grant.  

-World Education, Inc is an incredible organization committed to education projects around the developing world and the US.