An incredibly generous and honest review of the only flesh to feed you from Dr. Lynn Houston at  Live Oak Review:

"The origin of each poem in this collection is the act of love. Often, we glimpse the moment right before the love making, the chase, the violence of it, the blood matted fur of closeness and of winning a mate by distinguishing ourselves with feathers or fending off other potentials. Sometimes Walsh spins his dervish language wildly, and we are caught up in the frenzy of the act itself—“rising with me buoyed by me / each finding me”—his rhymes becoming feral and trancelike. Sometimes we are caught in memory’s melancholy in the remembrance of a lover past. Given all the emotional registers, this chapbook reads like a sexy, poetic bestiary."

An interview with Brendan with The Wire's Dream Magazine about writing and life-ing. 

"I hope to publish five more books in five years. I also hope to continue teaching writing. Mostly though, I’d like to feel more comfortable and confident with periods of non-creation or deep experimentation. It’s tough to move away from a routine when it works and it feels good, but I hope five years from now (assuming the world hasn’t ended) that I’m less concerned with efficiency (I hope I’ll have earned some time by then)."

Buddha vs. Bonobo gets a shout-out on the Ploughshares blog!

“These humans, who can’t appreciate the awesomeness of observance of celestial bodies, are taken to task by the bonobos of the earlier section whose work is defined in part by the ceremonious rising and setting of the sun. Walsh’s eco-critical poetry takes a clear stance on humanity’s interaction with the earth.”

Kristen Leigh reviews Buddha vs. Bonobo for Live Oak Review!

"Throughout Buddha vs. Bonobo, Walsh leverages his travels to express wonder and confusion with the human in both harmony and discord with the natural world. We walk with him in monk’s shoes along the Mekong and consider how begging for alms to afford a meal is worth the vow of poverty. We are repeatedly shown incidents of loss, sorrow, longing through the perspectives of early migratory populations of animals-soon-to-be-people that stayed put..."

Five Questions with Brendan Walsh: Elsewhere Magazine

Review of Go by After the Pause: Review of Go

"Storing and releasing all kinds of humanity, both the pleasant and the difficult in properly apportioned measures, the following sums up the pathos Walsh continuously feels through these explorations of heart and hurt: “Describe yourself: broken. Describe / the world: breaking. Nothing is everything, / so this must be.” This is a rare collection whose end I hoped to delay, and whose re-beginning I cannot resist."

Review of Make Anything Whole in Blotterature:

"...these poems present ripe fruit for meditation. Though Walsh’s writing is filled with contradictions, so is life, and it is Walsh’s willingness to bring us this collage of conflicting and coordinating ideas and images that makes his collection a worthwhile read."


“Poetry and Place: Brendan Walsh Aims to Create Community through Poetry” in Encore Magazine

Cool story about Living Things: The Great American Poetry Crawl +Brendan in Do Savannah Magazine!

Brendan is now on Have Book Will Travel's database of authors!

Brendan was selected as one of 25 mentors in AWP's Writer to Writer Mentorship Program: Writer to Writer Mentors  

Poetry of place: Brendan Walsh on Go, Hartford Books Examiner

Go Book Launch Party repped on New Haven is For Lovers

An intense interview with Blotterature after their review of Make Anything Whole, Blot Lit Interviews Brendan Walsh

Buckets of cold water and reversing preconceptions in Laos, global

Fulbright Award recipient set to go from Southern Connecticut to Laos, New Haven Register

Graduate Student Wins Fulbright AwardSouthern Connecticut State University News

Hartwick to Host New American Writing Festival, Hartwick College News


YellowJacket Press' 2017 Chapbook Contest, Runner Up for the only flesh to feed you

Alternating Current Press' 2017 Luminaire Prize for Poetry, Finalist for "Sacks of Cells" and "Where There Is a Life, There Is a Hope"

Alternating Current Press' 2016 Coil Book Award Finalist for Go

Mudfish Poetry Award, Finalist for "Movie Scene"

Anna Sonder Prize of the Academy of American Poets

Freedman Prize for Poetry in Performance

Leslie Leeds Poetry Prize for Connecticut State University Consortium

Pushcart Prize (Nomination) for

"Mountain Temple, Masan, South Korea," 2011

"A Road Trip to Tuscaloosa, Alabama," 2014

"In La Jolla, Drinking Blue Label at Dusk," 2014

"Life Over Description," 2014