Readings and performances by Brendan can be found on his YouTube channel.


fort lauderdale

Brendan’s latest chapbook, released in June 2019 through Grey Book Press, examines, with humor and dread, a near-future Floridian landscape consumed by relentless hurricanes, biblical floods, and an apathetic population. Through it all, however, is reverence for Florida's incredible landscape, and the hope that it will rebound and replenish itself long after the plague of colonization. Purchase fort lauderdale through GBP.

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the only flesh to feed you

Brendan's fourth collection, the only flesh to feed you, is the runner up in YellowJacket Press' Florida chapbook competition. the only flesh to feed you is a series of eighteen love poems written in the voices of animals. TOFTFY can be purchased through YellowJacket Press. 


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Buddha vs. Bonobo

Brendan's third collection, Buddha vs. Bonobo, is a hand-sewn chapbook published by Sutra Press in October 2017. More about Buddha vs. Bonobo can be found here

BvB gets a shoutout in Ploughshares as a debut chapbook from Sutra Press. 

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Brendan's second collection of poetry, Go, was published by Aldrich Press in March 2016.

Go can be purchased on Amazon.

Learn more here.

Go was recently selected as a finalist in Alternating Current Press' 2016 Coil Book Award.


Make Anything Whole

Brendan Walsh’s Make Anything Whole is crafted from the best facets of both travel writing and the poetry of place. Among these pages, readers find the estranged familiarity of coming back to one’s home and country after traveling abroad. Taking us on the road as he experiences Laos, Korea, and then re-experiences the United States, Walsh chronicles the characters he meets along the way and ultimately discovers that you can take home with you wherever you go. His ultimately life-affirming experiences are set against a backdrop of interactions told through the sociological poetic eye.

A portion of the proceeds from this book will go to support, a group in Laos that educates women about safe birthing practices and provides sterile supplies to prevent mortality during child birth.

Make Anything Whole can be purchased on Amazon.


Other Work (links in bold)

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the minnesota review, April 2019. “concussion fragment #3”

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The Literary Whip Podcast, October 2017. Host Lise Quintana and Golden Walkman editor Joey Gould discuss Brendan's poem, "To Break Our Backs With It"

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Anchor Magazine, June 2017. "A Monk Realizes There is No More Earth to Walk"

Glass: A Journal of Poetry, May 2017. "Manatee and Her Mating Herd"

Brendan's Florida-inspired poem "what's wild" appeared in Parks & Points' inaugural poetry project: "what's wild" April 2017

Brendan recently read some poems from Go and Make Anything Whole on Rocky Mountain Revival's latest podcast episode: Travel By Words

Drunk Monkeys, Spring 2013. “Sannaki,” “Kimchi,” “Makkoli,” “All the spring weather…

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