"This tender, sensual and spiritual collection examines not simply the human condition, but the condition of the whole natural world, in conversation with its history and with its potential futures."

-Andrew McMillan, Physical, Winner of the Guardian First Book Award

"Brendan Walsh wins us the way Buddhist temples win over acolytes: with their truths about suffering, the community of prayer halls, sacred reliquaries that follow the emptiness of courtyards. This poetry grounded in the experience of place becomes animate, takes form, gathers Laos, Korea, and the U.S. in its hot dance, a globe spinning to the rhythm of the eternal divinity in each of us."

-Lynn Marie Houston, The Clever Dream of Man

"Sometimes Walsh spins his dervish language wildly, and we are caught up in the frenzy of the act itself—“rising with me buoyed by me / each finding me”—his rhymes becoming feral and trancelike. Sometimes we are caught in memory’s melancholy in the remembrance of a lover past. Given all the emotional registers, this chapbook reads like a sexy, poetic bestiary."

-The Live Oak Review